Sunday, June 8, 2008

Still here/Aun estoy aquí

Still here in the hospital, just kicking around being EXTREMELY bored but trying to get by. Tomorrow will be my reinfusion of stem cells, and my "re-birthday", and then we'll see how long it takes me to recover and get out of the hospital. I don't want to jinx it, so let's not even discuss dates.

Big hugs

Todavia estoy aquí en el hospital, aquí estando SUPER aburridisima, pero haciendo lo posible para pasar el tiempo. Mañana me van a regresar las células madre y será mi re-cumpleaños, y ya veremos cuanto me tardo en recuperarme y salir de aquí. Mejor ni quiero hablar de fechas y esperaremos que sea lo antes posible.



Wullie said...

Happy re-birthday, Darcy.

Send you love and hugs and hoping that you don't smell as bad as I did after re-infusion. I still can't be in the same room as creamed corn.

Anonymous said...

Happy Re-Birthday!!! I love you.....Miss you!!!

Marci :-)

Anonymous said...

Que chido que ya andas cumpliendo años de nuevo wera... ahi nos mantienes al tanto de cómo es que te la andas pasando.. nos vemos, muchos abrazo y beso... animo!...
verne, lula y tito

DR3AM5 said...

don't worry, you'll leave the hospital soon that you imagine

hey darcy!!
sigue adelante
*como se dice eso en inglés? xD*

see you later ;)

carmen eugenia said...


Lo mejor...hoy y siempre....desde acá te mando la mejor vibra por tí y por tu anhelada recuperación.

Carmen Eugenia

Duane said...

Sending you lots of love!!

Happy re-birthday!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah baby - bust out for happy hour!

Melissa said...

Thinking of you Darcy. Let me know if you need anything...Cadbury's maybe? Hope you are still bored as hell...cause hopefully that means you are not miserable in other ways. Much love - mel

Jolene said...

Andale mami.... get outta there. Write another somethin' somethin', too... when you feel like it, of course!