Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Sparrow and the Hawk/El gorrión y el halcón


The Sparrow and the Hawk
by LFD – aka mom

Running errands this morning, the sun is shining and feels good.
The price of gas made me actually plan the trip - fewest miles for what I needed.

High above the hill that is Glisan west to Fred Meyer,
A red-tailed hawk is being pursued by a tiny sparrow.
The sparrow is pecking at the hawk's tail, then a wing.
The hawk seems hardly aware that it is the prey, not the predator.
The sparrow is fierce and unrelenting.

I stopped to watch. Nature is so fascinating. I usually think of it as something to be observed,
not something I am a part of.

I was impressed with the little bird's courage. What would motivate the tiny sparrow
to take on the hawk. Her nest, of course, her babies, tucked somewhere in the trees.
I got all teary.

I was no longer an observer, I was the sparrow attacking the hawk, that is cancer.
Stay away from my nest, leave by baby alone. This is a fight you will not win.

Unlike the sparrow, I am not alone.
Doctors, nurses, researchers, a whole cast of players,
lending their skills and knowledge, with compassion.
Family and friends - the wind beneath my wings,
to borrow a phrase.

Wind that is love, that lifts me up and allows me to keep going,
that allows me to focus on my Darcy, to do battle with the

Cancer get away from my daughter, you cannot have her.
I didn't bring her into this world for you.
We are fierce and unrelenting.
And so thankful for all the blessings that are ours.

El gorrión y el halcón
por LFD – también conocida como ‘mamá’

Haciendo el mandado esta mañana, el sol brilla y se siente rico.
El precio de la gasolina me hizo planear el viaje – entre menos millas mejor para lo que necesitaba.

En lo alto del cerro que es Glisan al oeste de Fred Meyer,
Un halcón de cola roja está siendo perseguido por un pequeño gorrión.
El gorrión está picoteando la cola del halcón, y luego una ala.
El halcón parece apenas estar consciente de que sea la presa, no el depredador.
El gorrión es feroz e implacable.

Me detuve para mirarlo. La naturaleza es tan fascinante. Normalmente pienso que es algo que se observa, y no algo de lo que yo sea parte.

Me impresionó la valentía de la pequeña ave. Qué le motivaría al pequeñito gorrión
A enfrentarse con el halcón. Su nido, claro, sus bebés, escondidos en alguna parte de los árboles.
Me empezaron a salir lágrimas

Ya no era yo un observador, yo era el gorrión atacando al halcón que es el cáncer.
Aléjate de mi nido, deja a mi bebé en paz. Esta es una pelea que no ganarás.

A diferencia del gorrión, yo no estoy sola.
Doctores, enfermeras, investigadores, todo un elenco de actores,
Prestando sus habilidades y conocimiento, y con compasión.
La familia y los amigos – el viento debajo de mis alas,
Para robar una frase.

Viento que es amor, que me levanta y me permite seguir,
Que me permite enfocarme en mi Darcy, para hacer batalla con el halcón.

Cáncer, aléjate de mi hija, no la puedes tener.
No la traje a este mundo para ti.
Somos feroces e implacables
Y tan agradecidas por todas las bendiciones que son nuestras.


Anonymous said...

OMG....that made me cry, as a mom, I never thought of this situation from your mom's point of view, but the line about how she did not bring you into this world to have cancer take you out was really moving....I am sure I will see your mom over the next few weeks, at least once, but if not, tell her that I loved it and was deeply moved. I love you Darcy!! Love Marci :-)

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy you have your wonderful mom at your side. she really is an inspiration to me, as a mother.


Bekah said...

here with you in thought,
and love.

If you or your beautiful mom have any questions you let me know.


Good luck today darlin.

Love you,


Duane said...

Hey Darcy,

I got your message about my trip to the NW. I'm planning to be in Oregon in late September. I'm still working on the exact dates, but if it works out I'd be delighted to see you. I do plan to be in Portland for a bit. When I have the dates, I'll let you know.

Thinking about you. ;)

DR3AM5 said...

Bonjour Darcy, j'éspere que tu vais bien!
bien, je ne suis pas trop mal... encore!

sigue adelante Darcy!!!
echale ganas!!


Anonymous said...

Tal vez estamos físicamente lejos de ti, pero como dice tu madre, estamos junto a ti (algunos rezamos por ti o pensamos cada momento que te irá muy bien) pensando que así será más fácil combatir esta batalla... No olvides que te queremos... adelante... siempre adelante... Dul

Bekah said...

Darcy Lovely,

Hoping the chemo is almost done for you, and you'll able to receive those beautiful cells of yours very soon.

If you or mom, could give us an update. That would be wonderful -- thinking of you, and hoping that you are doing well...

Know, this is worth it. All the pain, the discomfort, everything in the next few days. I never believed it myself.

But you, and this fight, it's all worth it. You're knocking it down one day at a time. And we're all here, behind you.

Please, call, email, anytime. Thinking of you, beautiful.

<3 B

laulausmamma said...

Hi Darcy - got everything crossed (and Wullie's shaking his pom poms)that all goes smoothly for you tomorrow. The journey is almost over and you'll be starting your long cancer free life. Thinking of you often.

Big squishy girl ((HUGS))