Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am from Troutdale, from me.


I went to my first class last night, and out of a 'getting to know you' writing activity the following poem was born. I kinda liked may not be good, I'm not really a poet, but it is what it is and I suppose I too am what I am.

Fui a mi primer clase de la maestría ayer, y de una actividad de 'conociéndonos' nació el siguiente poema. Me gustó un poco...puede ser que no sea bueno, ya que bien sé que no soy poeta, pero es lo que es, y supongo que yo tambien soy lo que soy. Empecé a hacer una traducción, pero se pierde demasiado...perdónenme esta vez pero a veces hay cosas que no se vale traducirlas porque pierden su esencia...y su rima también.

I am from Troutdale, from me.

I am from smelt runs
and blackberry jam and pie;
I am from a sea of women
who taught me to live right.

I am from braces and glasses
and too many fat girl jokes;
I am from rebirth and renewal
and contact lenses and diet coke.

I am from Mexico,
at least most recently,
from tortillas to mole
to sweet hibiscus tea;

I am from growing up old
far from home’s feel;
I am from learning from new friends
to thrive valiantly.

I am from cancer and transplants
and breaking my whole;
I am from sarcasm and poker faces
and eyebrow stubble and teary hope.


Duane said...

Nobel laureate, here we come!! ;)

Anonymous said...

You am what you am and what you am is wonderful.

Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

thats beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Darcy, you sure do know how to go straight to the heart of things! And you express it so damn well girl!

Love, Pat

Anonymous said...

I completely admire your capacity of expressing what you are and what you've been through in such beautiful words! Keep it up girl!!

Besos y abrazos cariñosos.
Ale Nuñez

Arimenthe said...

Hi Darcy..

I stumbled on your blog via myspace. Your poem about home made me cry.

I hope you are doing well, Jessica talks about you a lot :)

with Love,

Anonymous said...

Estoy orgulloso de haber conocido a una persona tan especial y FUERTE COMO TU.Eres unica. Te quiere Juancho.