Sunday, April 6, 2008

After the shave/Después de la rapada

When I read other peoples' blogs, I'm always looking for pictures of them, I love it when people post pictures 'cause then you have a face to put with the words. So, here are some photos...

Cuando yo leo los blog de otras personas, siempre estoy buscando fotos porque me encanta que la gente ponga fotos....asi puedes imaginar a la persona mientras leas sus palabras. Así que ahí les van unas fotos mias...

Before the shave during my first treatment of ICE - with a pillow that a lovely friend made especially for me./Esto es antes de la rapada durante mi primer tratamiento de ICE - con una almohada que hizo una muy buena amiga especialmente para mi:


After the shave, with my removeable hair #1 and the cutest puppy in the world/Después de la rapada, con mi pelo removible #1 y el cachorro más lindo del planeta:


After the shave, with my removeable hair #2 and a weird look on my face/Después de la rapada, con mi pelo removible #2 y una jeta extraña:


After the shave, with a fab green scarf that my lovely friend Mel gifted me/Después de la rapada, con una bufanda hermosa que me regaló mi amiga Mel:


Hugs & Kisses/Abrazotes y Besotes


linda davidson said...

My darling daughter, you are so beautiful with or without hair. You may think - oh Mom you have to say that - but it happens to be true. And you are so amazing. I do know it sucks. Really I do.

Duane said...

You look great, Darcy!!! ;) I must say I really enjoy reading your blog. It's refreshing.

Are you attending the WebMagic Forum meetup in Boston in June? If so, I hope to meet you there.

Be well.

Kathy - Eric's Mom said...

You look fantastic! Both wigs and Mel's scarf. Good luck with ICE this week -- we're thinking all good thoughts for you!


Jommy said...

I'm thinking in Spanish...wait...I love you so much!!!. You're my pretty wife, you know that, I'll be here for everything. We have to be ready for our little girl, hopefully next year ;)...Ela? Lucy? Ernestina?(jeje) I don't know her name, but we love (hope) her.
Ok, see you tomorrow, I feel sad without you at home, but we can (have) do it!


Your favorite mexican boy.

DR3AM5 said...

Hi Darcy it's me Noe =D from Dolores, hey now i found your myspace and now your blog =D
do you know, sometimes i try to writte something interesting but... my life is so booored =/
oh well, you may say "Noe, you can hang out with friends" and all that

but anyway .-.
I'll beging Mis estádias =)
and i'll do them in Dolores .-.
that will be boring but I'll continue with my Kick Boxing's classes


oh yes... about your pictures ...

You look great!!!

you removible hair #2 and your weird jeta XP are great!


c'mon Darcy!

No te rindas =D

your puppy is great too n_n

see you later Darcy =D

mr.fixit said...

Hi Darcy, Loved the pics. I'm a former co-worker of your Moms and just wanted to thank you for the sensitivity training in your earlier post, very helpfull. My wife is battling cancer and I know she would have liked to drop kick me on more than one occasion. Keep the faith and thank for the rant, John

Anonymous said...

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