Green Light/Luz verde


The scan was completely clean. Yessssssssss.

More later...I'm still chewing on the words to capture my thoughts and feelings...

La tomografìa saliò completamente limpiaaaaaa. Escribo más en unos días que todavía estoy masticando las palabras exactas para capturar mis pensamientos y sentimientos...y la alegría que por el momento es difícil cuantificar.


Anonymous said…
woo hoo!
Kelly Kane said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
el ajuaaaaa anterior es del verne, la lula y el tito... ajuaaaaaaaaaa
Kathy said…
Fabulous news!!!
Anonymous said…
That is amazing news! So so happy for you.

Melissa said…
Another WHOO-HOO!!!
Comngrats on the scan. I added you to my blogroll. Also... Open invitation to you and your readers to participate in the Being Cancer Book Club. This month we are discussing “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. “...the lecture he gave ... was about the importance of overcoming obstacles, of enabling the dreams of others, of seizing every moment (because “time is all you have…and you may find one day that you have less than you think”). It was a summation of everything Randy had come to believe. It was about living.”
Monday is Book Club day; Tuesday Guest Blog and Friday Cancer News Roundup.
Also check out Cancer Blog Links containing over 225 blog links and Cancer Resources with 230 referenced sites, both divided into disease categories.
Please accept this invitation to join our growing cancer blogging community at
Take care, Dennis
Anonymous said…
Elsa R.
Anonymous said…
hey!!!! Noticias de los vecinillos, aca en la Paz se les extraña!! Como estan cuenten!!

Metztli said…
Hola, me llamos Metztli V, soy una chica con cáncer. Me identifiqué mucho con tus comentarios. Me hicieron reir tanto. . . Me da gusto saber que estás mejor. Yo estoy en remisión desde febrero de este año. Te deseo lo mejor del mundo: amor y salud.
Metztli (

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